a community closet

C&C Consignments offers reasonably priced and delightful second-hand clothing and locally-made crafts, with 50% of all sales revenue being returned to consignors. With monthly rental memberships, personal styling services, barter bins, and more, we aim to be a hub of joy, support, comfort, and productive creativity within the community.

what we’re doin’

C&C is the newest project in the Saul Silbert Charitable Trust’s non-profit mission to cultivate, honor, and emphasize intentional living. By putting regenerative values we hold dear at the forefront of our operation, we hope to promote the spontaneous community good that grows out of joy and connection.

We believe that the most important thing we can do as citizens is to know ourselves deeply and use this knowledge to elevate our environment with
presence and practicality.

C&C is designed with these ethics in mind.


We will be stocking items we believe have the potential to lift delight into the hearts of anyone who comes in by taking in treasured and well-loved items that are ready to start a new life. Our monthly memberships offer an opportunity to play with your wardrobe and presentation with no consequences.


Find handiwork from local artisans who consign objects, art, and jewelry. Whether you are a maker by occupation or a hobbyist, test the market and share your inspiration by adding to our collection. We implore any crafters to share their projects with us and start circulating the work of our community.

& conversation

Come and engage in conversation, hear some music, shop around, and be part of a web of subtle but certain progress.


we want your input!

reach out to us at hello@ccconsignments.com with any and every thought, question, or concern

consignment consulting

book an appointment for consulting in your home, come in to the store with a couple special items, or email closet@ccconsignments.com


check out http://purpl.org to see some of work the SSCT has done in the past. email community@ccconsignments.com with queries and ideas!

the team

Working with Sarah Hinawi and SSCT to design and get C&C off the ground are two college students: Aya Hinawi, a graduate of HHS; and Joelle Winn, an Oregon native. They hope this project will be additive to a wide community and will be working with collaborators of all ages. Rounding out three generations is artist-in-residence, Ana Silbert, for her tireless creativity and expansive insight.

Fifty percent of sales will be returned to consignors; Net proceeds will go to the Saul Silbert Charitable Trust in support of their mission to advocate and design for regenerative culture.

If you are interested in joining the team at the store, email community@ccconsignments.com

come see us

C&C Consignments is located at 2 Spring Street in Hastings on Hudson, NY.

August hours:

monday – wednesday: 2-6

thursday: 1-6

friday: 12-7

saturday 11-7

sunday: closed